Dreams of Freedom, Illusions of Autonomy: A Critique of ‘Love You to the Stars and Back’

Photo grabbed from Star Cinema website

Some films and TV shows are highly conducive to a philosophical reading. The Black Mirror, for instance. But it’s not something you’d expect from Filipino romantic comedies, which are more (in)famous — and at times derided — for their kilig factor, feel-good, light-hearted entertainment, and their false ideas about love and romance.  Continue reading


Self-Help as Philosophy, Philosophy as Self-Help


Self-help literature has been subjected to criticism, parody, derision. Much of the critique is justified (it doesn’t work, or it’s just a way to make money, etc.). All the same, we should not forget the simple mundane point behind the sophisticated arguments: that each one of us needs to make her way into the world. And we need all the help that we can get.  Continue reading